In the name of GOD
Mehr-e-Hossein was successfully registered.
Incorporation Number: IA37627
PO Box 6265 St Lucia QLD 4067 Australia
Bank Account information:
Account Name: Mehr-e-Hossein Iranian Muslim Community QLD- Australia
BSB: 034159
Account Number: 153418



Eid Prayers will be held tomorrow Wednesday InshaAllah at Islamic Centre Brisbane (ISCQ)

5 15am Fajar Prayers
6 30am Dua Nudba
7 00am Eid Prayer and Khutba
7 45am ISCQ Management Speech
8 00am Ziarat Imam Hussain AS
8 15am Breakfast
9 30am Fatiha for Hazara Comunity
12 Noon Dhuhr Prayers
5 15pm Maghrib Prayers

For the safety and comfort of all, kindly co-operate with our traffic management team, volunteers and observe the following

1) Please come early to off your family at the centre and then park your car at 5 Perrin drive Underwood

2) Please make sure that your car is parked legally and does not block any other car, entrance gate or parkway.

3) Please do not litter the streets or parking lot and use the bins provided to dispose of any used cups, bottles and garbage.

There will be refreshments provided, however anyone wishing to bring extra plate to share are more than welcome to.

Recommended Fitra amounts are
Flour - $ 9 per person
Rice- $ 13 per person
Dates - $ 30 per person

Fitra will be collected Before and After prayers on the day.