In the name of GOD
Mehr-e-Hossein was successfully registered.
Incorporation Number: IA37627
PO Box 6265 St Lucia QLD 4067 Australia
Bank Account information:
Account Name: Mehr-e-Hossein Iranian Muslim Community QLD- Australia
BSB: 034159
Account Number: 153418

Dear Iranian Muslim brothers and sisters,

We herby announce the registration of Mehr-e-Hossein Iranian Muslims Community of Queensland-Australia Inc. as an incorporated association.
We would like to invite all interested Iranian Muslims in QLD to take part in the activities of this community which is their community.
Please read the constitution here and apply [Mail or Send a Request Online] for membership to help this community to grow as a major community representing the Iranian Muslims of QLD.
We welcome all interested individuals’ suggestions and opinions to improve and extend the community’s activities to the level that satisfies all members within the constitution framework.